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Montessori Australia Foundation

Our mission is simple: to support the natural development of the child through Montessori education.  To do this, we act as advocates, providing the voice for Montessori in Australia.  We have a role as an industry body, a professional association, and a charity, providing tailored services to schools and centres, teachers, other professionals and parents within the Montessori sector.

The Montessori Australia Foundation (MAF) is the national body supporting the diverse Montessori movement in Australia. MAF is a not-for-profit organisation and Registered Charity that provides tailored services to schools and centres, teachers, other professionals and parents within the Montessori sector.  MAF maintains communication with all Montessori programmes across Australia and acts as a clearinghouse for Montessori information and communication. We provide ‘whole of life’ support from birth to aged care, including training and professional development, publications, digital and online resources, quality assurance, and government and industry liaison. 

An extensive strategic review has now brought the Montessori Australia Foundation and related organisations, the Montessori Children’s Foundation (MCF) charity and the Australian Centre for Montessori Studies (ACMS) training centre, to a more integrated structure.

This group is referred to as Montessori Australia and has four key divisions:

  • Educational Services
  • Community Services
  • Training Services
  • Resource Services

Working together under a unified strategy, but within a divisional structure, Montessori Australia is equipped to continue to provide a national voice in public and academic dialogue on educational and social issues.  

Montessori Australia values its affiliation with AMI, the international authority on Montessori, recognised by UNESCO and the United Nations.  Montessori Australia participates in several international projects, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, centred around children as the transforming elements of society. Montessori Australia’s increasing local, national and international partnerships help us move ahead to increase our resources, knowledge base, network and service capacity.  As more individuals and organisations seek out the Montessori approach, we are motivated to keep searching for additional resources to enable us to reach more children.  There are exciting times ahead as individuals with new expertise respond to the call and join our thriving collaborative team.