COVID-19 Resources

Health advice:

COVID-19 Health Alert

Isolation guidance
National COVID-19 campaign
National Health Plan
Information for schools and early childhood centres, students and parents
Social distancing
Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak 
How to cope with stress related to COVID-19

For Children

Google Arts and Culture - explore collections from around the world with Google Arts and Culture, created by Google Cultural Institute. 
ABC Kids - watch shows, play games, share stories, sing, make science experiments, and much more.
Khan Academy - free online courses, lessions and schedules
Audible - free audiobooks for kids

Montessori Teacher Resources

Learning from Home Handbook (template) - template for schools/centres to download and customise for their parents
Learning from Home Handbook (Montessori School of Tokyo) & Learning from Home Handbook (Omni Montessori School) - samples from schools
Montessori Inspired Social Distancing Graphic - fun, friendly ways to reduce contact while maintaining connections in the classroom
Using Technology to Adapt to Enforced Quarantine - how do we use technology while staying true to Montessori
Different Ways to Say Hello - alternatives to the Grace and Courtesy handshake
Touchless Greetings - replacing the handshake for Montessori greetings
The Math Institute (Great Work Inc) & YouTube Channel - Montessori adolescent maths support

Montessori Parent Resources

Montessori schools and centres are welcome to share these resources with their parent community.

Helping Children Navigate Difficult Times - how to communicate to your children about the coronavirus

Montessori as an Aid to Life - supporting children aged 0-3 years in the home environment

Parenting Blog - see our blog postings for practical advice on Montessori parenting

The Montessori Notebook - Montessori at home for babies and toddlers

Montessori at Home - encouraging Montessori principles of order, independence, and self-motivation in the home 

Continuing the Learning at Home - inspiration for activities at home (early childhood)

Montessori Parent Coronavirus Survival Guide: Thriving in an era of extended school closures - free Kindle book

Family Music For Mixed Ages - early childhood music programme

The Math Institute (Great Work Inc) & YouTube Channel - Montessori adolescent maths support

Other Advice

Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws
Implications for Employers
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If you have any Montessori specific resources, please email us at [email protected]